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Old Toll Road and White Arrow Trail

White Arrow Trail
Above: White Arrow Trail

The hike to the summit via the Old Toll Road and White Arrow Trail is a little easier, less steep and a little longer than the White Dot Trail from Headquarters.  The Halfway House Site offers nice views west as well as to the summit after the forest society cleared the site.  The White Arrow Trail reaches treeline at .6 miles, offering fine alpine-like scenery with views south.  The Old Toll Rd. from route 124 is now closed to public vehicles but open for hikers.  The Halfway House Trail starts right by the gate of the Old Toll Road and makes for a shady alternative to the road walk to the White Arrow Trail to summit.  The White Arrow Trail is the main trail to the summit and reaches the Halfway House Site in about 75 yards from the Old Toll Road.  Monadnock's Halfway House trails emanate from the former Halfway House Hotel up Bald Rock Ridge, Monte Rosa and the summit of Monadnock which is separated into pages.

Hiking Trails:

Old Toll Rd. is an easy to moderate uphill roadwalk starting at a lot on route 124.  From the gate the road is closed to public vehicles only but is open for hikers.  The Old Toll Road is a direct route leading to the White Arrow Trail and to the summit.  The road is lined by a mixed forest of mostly hardwoods primarily Red Oak.  The forest is mixed with Eastern White Pine at first then mixing with Red Spruce evergreens near the Parker Trail on up the road.  At a steeper grade at .5 miles the Old Toll Rd. reaches the Parker Trail which heads east to the Cliff Walk and headquarters.  At 1 mile the Cart Path heads west from the road and at 1.1 the Old Toll Road reaches the White Arrow Trail which leads to the summit.  The White Arrow Trail resembles a severly washed out road like a rocky riverbed.  The road turns to a private residence.

Halfway House Trail starts on the left just past the gate, follows along a stone wall and shortly climbs a ridge. The grade eases and parallels closely to the Old Toll Rd.  The Halfway House Trail can be a shadier alternative to the road.  The Halfway House Trail can be muddy in spots.  The forest goes from a mix of pine and northern hardwoods then spruce mix in.  The grade is gradually uphill and the Cart Path is reached in about a mile. The Halfway House Trail now turns right (east) 100 feet towards the Old Toll Road (The Halfway House Trail between the Cart Path leading up past the road is now closed due to erosion). From the Halfway House Trail turn left on the Old Toll Road (north) uphill. The road turns sharply right toward a private residence and follow trail (sign) to the Halfway House Site and White Arrow Trail. The trail was a road a long time ago and is now severely washed out like a rocky riverbed.   The Halfway house site is reached in about a 100 yards. From the Halfway House Site (1.1 miles from 124) the White Arrow trail leads up to the summit in 1 mile. (updated 2014)

Halfway House Site
Halfway House Site

White Arrow Trail is one of the oldest main trails to the summit. The White Arrow starts north toward the summit at the Halfway House Site 1.1 miles up from route 124.  The White Arrow trail is very eroded and looks like a rocky brook bed.  The Half-way house site has been recently cleared and offers views to the west and summit.  The Halfway House Site is also a juncton point with a number of side trails to Bald Rock ridge and the summit.
April 2012 and still as of 2014 :There is a sign missing at the Half Way House Site for the Sidefoot, Hedgehog, Do Drop, and Noble Trails.
The White Arrow to summit starts at the Halfway House Site (sign) heads north on a level grade from the site and re-enters woods. In 50 yards the White Arrow Trail reaches the Royce Trail (south), Monte Rosa Trail junction (leading west). The White Arrow Trail turns right here and there is a sign for the White Arrow Trail. Just past the Monte Rosa juntion the Fairy Spring trail junction is on the left/west then the White Arrow Trail starts its uphill climb.   The White Arrow Trail heads up on a wide eroded rough rocky trail which can covered with ice flows in winter (use proper gear and stay on trail). Just as the trail levels out the Amphitheater trail junction is reached no sign but there are yellow paint blazes (heading down the mountain painted in the rock is marked "to Sidefoot" leading to Bald Rock and the Cliff Walk down the mountain). The White Arrow Trail briefly levels out then climbs out of the forest. The upper 300+ feet of climbing on the trail is mainly bare rock with spectacular views. The White Arrow Trail heads up a rough rocky course well marked by painted white arrows. The White Arrow Trail climbs steeply up to a false summit and offers spectacular views. The trail continues on bare ledge then gets steep climbing rocks just before cresting the summit dome.  The White Arrow Trail is blazed with white arrows making the route easy to follow pointing you in the right direction.  Just below the summit ridge to the right is a direct steep gully making for an alternative climb up to the summit.  From the summit to descend look for "To 124 - Old Halfway House Trail " painted in rock and follow White Arrows down.
To summit via Old Toll Road and White Arrow Trail is 2.3 miles.
Allow for about 3 1/2 to 4 hours for a round trip to the summit and back via Old Toll Road and White Arrow Trail for the average visitor.

Side Foot Trail parallels the White Arrow Trail and heads through a shady spruce forest until reaching the Amphitheater Trail.  The Side Foot trail is a less used alternative to the White Arrow Trail and accesses Bald Rock via side trails.  The Side Foot bears northeast from the White Arrow trail from the Halfway House Site.  The Side Foot turns north at the Do Drop Trail, then on a northeasterly course passes the Noble and Do Drop Trails on right, continues up at moderate grades to the Amphitheater Trail then marked with white/yellow blazes on rocks heads to White Arrow Trail.

M and M Trail A. K. A. Royce Trail has no parking at the trailhead and is on a busy road.  Via the Cart Path the Royce trail can be utilized as a shady alternative to the sunny Half-way house site on hot days.  From 124 to the Cart Path, the path through mixed forest is less used, however, is well marked by white painted blazes.

Revised: August 2010

Below: Old Toll Rd.
Old Toll Road

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