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Monadnock Trails 2010

This is a list of current trails on Monadnock as of 2010.  Trail mileage reflects new trail changes to the map such as the Hinkley Trail extension as well as the shortened Smith Connecter.  Trail mileage includes counting the Old Toll Road as a hiking path as well as the Dora Spaulding Nature Trail which is not on the State Park map.  Cross Country Ski Trails are not counted as hiking trails.  Trail mileage may differ from total mileage as that the White Cross Trail to summit coincides with the White Dot Trail and the Marlboro Trail coincides with the Dublin Trail .2 miles from the summit.

Monadnock TrailsMilesGradeRemarksConnecting Points
Amphitheater 0.5easy gradespruce woods, ledge, cliffsSmith Summit, White Arrow, Smith Connecter
Birchtoft 1.9easy grademixed woods, trail links to summitGilson Pond Rec. Area, Cascade Link+Red Spot
Cart Path0.4easy grademixed+hardwoods Old Toll Rd., Halfway House Tr, Mossy Brook Trail
Cascade Link1.4easy to moderatespruce woods, open ledgesWhite Dot, Red Spot, Spellman, Pumpelly
Cliff Walk 1.5easy to moderatespruce woods, cliffs, open ledgesBald Rock+Smith Connecter, Parker Trail
Do Drop0.3steep gradespruce woodsSidefoot near Halfway House Site, Cliffwalk
Dora Spaulding 0.5 easy grademixed+hardwoodsPoole Road, Poole Brook
Dublin2.2moderate gradeeasy route to summitOld Troy Rd. to Summit
Fairy Spring0.3moderate gradespruce woods, springWhite Arrow near Halfway Site to Mt Rosa
Gilson Pond Loop0.8level gradeGilson Pond, pines, mixed woodsBirchtoft Trail
Great Pasture0.3moderate to steepspruce woods, open ledgeMossy Brook+Marian Trails to Monte Rosa
Harling0.7easy grademixed woodsCascade Link, Hinkley Trail
Hedgehog0.3moderate to steepspruce woodsSidefoot Trail, Bald Rock
Hello Rock0.4easy gradespruce woodsHalfway House Site, Cliffwalk by Hello Rock
Hinkley1easy grademixed woodsPoole Rd., Harling Trail, Birchtoft Trail
Lost Farm1.1moderate gradehardwoods, spruce near CliffwalkCliffwalk, Parker Trail
Marian0.6easy gradespruce woods, ledgeMossy Brook+Great Pasture, Marlboro Trail
Marlboro1.9moderate to steepmoderate to steep route to summitShaker Road to Dublin Trail to Summit
Monte Rosa0.4moderate gradea few steep spots mixed woodsWhite Arrow Tr, near Halfway Site, Monte Rosa
Mossy Brook0.3easy grademossy spruce woods, vernal streamCart Path, Marian+Great Pasture Trails
Noble0.3moderate gradespruce woods, ledgeSidefoot, Cliffwalk
Old Halfway House1.3moderate grademixed woods alternative to roadRoute 124, White Arrow Trail
Old Ski Path0.2easy to moderatemixed woodsWhite Dot, Red Spot Trails
Old Toll Road1.2easy to moderateroad walk, mixed woods124, White Arrow Trail
Parker1.6easy grademixed woods walkState Park, Lost Farm Tr, Cliffwalk, Old Toll Rd.
Point Surprise0.3easy to moderatespruce woodsHalfway House Site, Cliffwalk by Point Surprise
Pumpelly4.4moderate gradelongest route to summitLake Rd., Dublin to Summit
Ravine0.35easy gradespruce, hemlock woodsGilson Pond, Cross Country Ski Trail
Red Spot1moderate grademoderate to steep trail to summitBirchtoft Trail+Cascade Link, Pumpelly Trail
Royce1.1moderate gradeno parking on 124, mixed woodsRt124, White Arrow near Halfway Site
Sidefoot0.5moderate gradespruce woods, alternative to summitHalfway Site, White Arrow, Amphitheater Trails
Smith Bypass0.1moderate grademixed woodsMonte Rosa Tr, Smith Summit+The Tooth
Smith Connecting Trail0.5easy to moderatespruce woods, open ledgeBald Rock, White Cross, Red Spot
Smith Summit0.7moderate grademoderate grade, trail to summitMonte Rosa to Summit
Spellman0.6very steep gradeopen ledge and spruce woodsCascade Link steeply up ledges to Pumpelly
Thoreau0.4moderate gradespruce woodsHalfway Site to Cliffwalk by Thoreau's Seat
White Arrow1.1moderate grademoderate grade, trail to summitOld Toll Rd., Halfway House Site to Summit
White Cross1.2moderatemoderate w/steep spots, to summitWhite Dot (alternate route to summit)
White Dot2moderate to steepshort steep trail to summitState Park Headquarters to Summit
Total Miles 35.7    

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