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Monadnock Places of Interest

Here is a list of many of the Places of Interest on Monadnock.  This is a current, up to date, list of places with current images and is what you can find when you hike Monadnock.  All of the images of the Monadnock places are shot from 2005-2013 (except a 2002 shot of the Old Toll Road and a post card shot of the old Halfway House hotel that burned in 1954).  The black and white winter images were shot in 2007.

The Places of Interest include current descriptions and locations.  A few locations may not be available such as Pumpelly Cave and Eagle's Nest to preserve these historical places.  Some places are off the maintained trails, and may pose a challenge to find.  An altimeter or GPS device, as well as a compass may come in handy to find some of the places below.  This page is for anybody who wishes to armchair browse all of the interesting places of Monadnock or is already familiar with Mount Monadnock and wants to revisit, exploring some of the Places of Interest can be a nice, scenic and interesting way to hike Monadnock.

Monadnock PlacesElevation ftLocationDescription
Ainsworthís Seat image2344Cliffwalk near Lost Farm Tr. Jct. Southeast View
Amphitheatre image 2690Large Valley Amphitheater Trail goes around Views along trail
Ark image1220 Large Farmhouse on Dublin Road by Poole Road entrance Now Bible a conference, built in 1808
Bald Rock image2636Bald Crag on South RidgeBald Crag 360 degree view
Bear Pit image2180Marion Trail near Mossy Brook Open boggy depression in woods
Billing's Fold image3115 Near Monadnock Summit, near Smith Summit Tr. Fold in cliff rock
Black Precipice image2698Amphitheater Trail near Smith Summit Tr. Cliff, South View,
Black Throated Blue Point image image 2311 Cliffwalk between Ainsworth Seat and What Cheer Point Cliff; resembles warbler, South, East View
Brodeur Seat image3042White Dot Trail above Paradise Valley near summit Southeast View
Brook's Homestead image1278Old Keene Road Cellar hole, Hardwood forest
Bruin Cliff image2873Clff beyond second summit of Town Line PeakCliff, east views
Bunk Woods1675Pumpelly, Lost Farm Trails once fenced fieldsHardwood forest
Chamberlain Falls image2136Mead Brook, Dingle Dell Valley Waterfall
Chute image 2639 White Dot, between Plateau and Old Ski Trail East Views, Ledge and Spruce
Coffee Pot image2600 Smith Connecting Link near Bald Rock, Four Spots Limited Views
Coffee Pot Camp image 2600 near Smith Connecter, 4 Spots Ancient camp, Limited Views
Crag2490Overgrown between Monte Rosa, White ArrowSpruce Forest
Dingle Dell image2480Valley between Bald Rock and White Cross Trail Forested with views
Dinsmoreís Tavern image2601 1825 Tavern near Smith Connecter, 4 Spots Ancient foundation
Doric Temple image, image 2763 near Red Spot Trail Most prominent cliff, east views
Dublin Peak image3115Second highest peak, near Dublin, Marlboro Trails Bald Crag 360 degree view
Dublin Ridge image2919Long Northeast Ridge Pumpelly Trail follows Ledge and Spruce
Dutcher Point image2151Path from Marion Trail near Mossy Brook Southwest View
Eagle's Nest image  Northwest of Monadnock Stone shelter, West View
Emerson Family Campsite  High level spot, south of summit Ledge
Emerson Seat image2426Cliffwalk near Thoreau Do Drop Trails Limited views, spruce, ledge
Eveleth Brook Cascade Link, Gilson PondVernal Stream
Fairy Spring image2333Fairy Spring TrailSpring
Falcon Spring image1868White Dot Trail Cascade Link jct. Reliable Spring
Farmer's Seat image2218No clear trail, east of Dublin Trail Northwest View
Fassett Brook Follows west of White Arrow, Halfway House TrailsVernal Stream
Fassettís Mountain House image2140 Ancient foundation, Fairy Spring Trail Mixed Forest, Vernal Stream
Four Spots image2600Smith Connecter, Amphitheater jct. Trail jct., views near
Garnet Spring1900Royce TrailVernal Stream
Gilson Pond image1260Gilson Pond Camping Area, Birchtoft Trail Pond with Views
Gilson Pond Campground image1290Dublin Road, Upper Jaffrey Road, Birchtoft TrailPicnic ground views
Graphite Mine image2580 Below Bald Rock, near CliffwalkOpen Mine in spruce woods
Great Spring feeds runoff water at Parker Trail, Old Toll Rd. jct.Vernal Stream
Hades Cave image3120 near White Dot Trail, near Summit Cave, technical climb
Half Way House image2100 Halfway House Site, Hotel built 1868, burned in 1954 Southwest View
Half Way House Reservoir image2200 No Trail to res, near Sidefoot, Halfway House Site Spruce Forest, bush
Half Way House Site image2100White Arrow Trail clearing, near Old Toll Road Southwest View
Hello Rock image image2125CliffwalkSouthwest, Southeast View
Hermitage2050 Private residence at top of Old Toll Road Private, no trespassing, southwest views
Hunter Rock image1715 Parker Trail, midway between Cliffwalk and Ainsworth Brook Glacial Erratic Boulder, Hardwood forest
Inscribed Rock2601 near Dinsmore Tavern, Smith Connecter, 4 Spots Forested, Initials TD CT FW(orEW) 1826
Inspiration Rock image2657near Smith Connecter, 4 Spots Bald Crag 360 degree view
The Imp imagenear Cascade Link, near Pumpelly Trail Rock formation Resembling a face
Jaffrey Reservoir image1378near State Park Headquarters surrounded by fence Pond with Restricted Views
Jim's Junction image3000Junction of Marlboro and Dublin Trails, 1/4 mile below summit. Open Ridge with Views
Jumbly Rocks image2850near Purgatory Paradise Valley Ledge, cliffs and jumbled rock
Kiasticuticus Peak image2636Inscribed rock on top of Bald Rock Glacial Erratic Boulder
Little Mountain image1875Bald summit off Parker Trail by Old Toll Rd. Southeast View
Lost Farm View image2350By Lost Farm Trail, Cliffwalk Resembles a slide, South View
Maple Tree1435 Tree Stump at State Park Campsite 3 once major trail junctionMixed forest
Marlboro Ridge image3000 Marlboro Trail Bare Ridgecrest and spruce, N+W View
Matterhorn image image2192 Cliffwalk, between Point Surprise and Hello Rock Southeast View
Mead Brook image Runs down Dingle Dell to Jaffrey ReserviorVernal Stream,
MeadĎs Farm image1456Cellar holes in woods near Jaffrey Reservior No trail, Hardwood forest
Meadís Orchard1456Once an orchard at Mead's Farm No trail, Hardwood forest, stonewalls
Monte Rosa image2549Major Crag on Southwest ridge of Mountain Bald Crag 360 degree view
Mosesí Spring image2100 Halfway House Site in ledge by Hello, Thoreau Trails Spring, Halfway House Memorial
Mossy Brook image Mossy Brook Trail Mossy Vernal Stream
Mossy Falls1981Mossy Brook TrailVernal Stream
Mountain Brook image  Thoreau Bog source of brook, no trespassing at base Vernal Stream, no trail, bushwhack
Mount Monadnock image image image3165Summit Bare Summit 360 degree view,
Noble Trail Vista image2540Noble Trail near Cliffwallk Southwest View
The Notch image 1825 Parker Trail pass by Old Toll Rd. Height of land, hardwood forest
Old Toll Road image1500Former Toll Road now open for hikers at Route 124 Winter Views along road
Paradise Valley image2850Valley near summit by White Dot and White Arrow Trails Forested with views
Picnic Grove2100White Arrow, Monte Rosa, Fairy Spring jct. now woodsMixed Forest
Plateau image2830Prominent southeast shoulder of mountain Summit View, Southeast View
Point Discovery image2013 near Cart Path Southwest View
Point Surprise image2160CliffwalkSoutheast View
The Pool image, image3000 South of Summit, near White Dot, White Arrow Trails Small body of water above tree-line
Poole Brook image  Harling Trail, Hinkley Trail, a.k.a. "Ark Brook" Vernal Stream
Poole Memorial Road1219Entrance road to Monadnock State ParkMixed Forest
Porcupine Ledge1200Spruce forested ridge no longer accessible by ski trailsRidge, spruce forest
Pulpit Rock image 2640 Prominence on west side Bald Rock by Hedgehog Trail West, SW, NW View
Pumpelly Cave image  Near Town Line Peak Views on top
Purgatory image 2775 Paradise Valley Trail Ledge, jumbled rock and spruce
Quarter Way Spring White Arrow TrailSpruce Forest
Rain Shelters near summit no longer on mountainFormer shelters
Rock House image2415Marion, Marlboro Trail junctionLedge, west views
Sarcophagus image2829Looks like stone crypt by Pumpelly Trail near SpellmanGlacial Erratic Boulder, East View
Spooky Woods1300East of headquarters now logged and trail is goneForested and regrowth
Spring of Perpetual Youth near Point Surprise, Hello Rock TrailsSpruce Forest
State Park Headquarters image1420 Top of Poole Road, store, campground and ecocenterMixed Forest
Steps Rock Steps built in 1861 along White Arrow TrailLedge and Spruce
Sunset Rock image2150 Hello Rock Trail near Halfway House Site Restricted West View, Spruce Forest
Sweetwater Spring2338Monte Rosa Trail Spruce Forest
The Switchback image2600White Cross Trail near Old Ski Trail SE View, Steep section of trail
The Tooth image2574 Smith Summit Trail near Monte Rosa South View
Thoreauís 1858 Camp 2900 sunken yard on rocky platueau southeast of summit, location uncertain Unknown
Thoreauís 1860 Camp image2774edge of Plateau near White Cross Trail Overgrown View, view above camp
Thoreauís Bog image2773High elevation 2 acre bog below SarcophogusBog surrounded by spruce
Thoreauís Seat image2364CliffwalkSoutheast View
Three Quarter Rock image2800White Dot trail at exposed ledge on edge of Plateau Summit, East View
Town Line Peak image2920 High peak by Pumpelly Trail near Jaffrey Dublin lineBald Crag 360 degree view
Tufted Spruce image2170Height of land between Pt. Discovery and the ValleySpruce Forest and bush
Twisted Birch1935Down birch along Cart Path near Fairy BrookMixed Forest
What Cheer Point image2300CliffwalkSoutheast View
The Weathervane image2540Monte RosaSouth, Summit, West View
Wolf Dens image2561Caves near CliffwalkLimited Views

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Places of Interest Page created in 2010 and 2011 by Frederick Pitcher.†All images by Frederick Pitcher except the Halfway House which burned in 1954 is a postcard image.
"Mt. Monadnock Trails" map charted by George Parker laid out by Scott A Smith, 1910
"Trails of Mt. Monadnock" map by E. J. Harling, 1916
"Type Map of Monadnock Reservation No. 3, Jaffrey, NH" including stone walls published about 1920
"Guide to Paths in the White Mountains" AMC, Fifth edition, 1922, Mt. Monadnock, page 432-439
"Grand Monadnock, Walks and Rambles near Halfway House" map by Allen Chamberlain, about 1930
"Annals of the Grand Monadnock" by Allen Chamberlain, 1936
"The Trails on Mt. Monadnock, in the vicinity of the Halfway House" map by Francis Whitaker, 1952
"Monadnock Guide" by Henry Baldwin, 1970
"White Mountain Guide" AMC, 25th Edition, 1992, including Monadnock map
"Monadnock Hiking Trails", Wayne Brink

Use of the information on this site is the sole risk of the user.  The author is not responsible for the trails or anyone's ability to follow them.  In addition to the trails there are certain places in this website described that are off trail.  Anyone exploring Monadnock does so at their own risk.

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