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Tags: New Hampshire Mountains , New Hampshire White Mountains, New Hampshire Hiking, New Hampshire 4000 Footers, Hiking New Hampshire, NH

New Hampshire White Mountains

Mount Madison
Above: Mount Madison, looking down Watson Path

New Hampshire 4000 Foooters

This page is an introduction to some of the finest hiking in the White Mountains.  Images of the Presidential Range, Franconia Range, Carters, Mt. Moosilauke and the Bond Range highlight these spectacular hikes.  Most of these hikes are rated strenuous.  For essential hiking trail info it is recommended to get the AMC White Mountain Guide.  Not covered in the AMC White Mountain Guide is Mount Monadnock which this website covers in detail.  This page offers views from some of the outstanding hikes of New Hampshire's 4000 foot peaks.

Presidential Range
The Presidential Range is a largely open exposed alpine zone above 4000 feet
Mt Pierce, Mt Isolation and Mt Jackson have open summits and are forested to those summits
Washington 6288
Adams Large 5774
Jefferson 5712
Monroe 5383
Madison 5367
Eisenhower 4761
Pierce (Mt. Clinton) 4310
Jackson 4052
Isolation 4005

Click Pop-up Images of the Presidential Range:
Mount Washington  Mount Washington  Mount Washington  Tuckermans Ravine  Mount Adams 
Mount Jefferson  Mount Eisenhower  Mount Isolation  Mount Jackson1  Mount Jackson 

Franconia Range
The Franconia Range is a spectacular open narrow ridge that is the western arc around the Pemi Wilderness
Lafayette and Lincoln is largely alpine
Garfield, Liberty and Flume are largely forested with open summits
Galehead is forested with a slide nearby
Lafayette 5260
Lincoln 5089
Garfield 4500
Galehead Forested 4024
Liberty Bald summit 4459
Flume Bald Summit 4328
Click these pop-up images of the Franconia Range:
Lafayette from Lincoln  Lincoln from Lafayette  Mount Lafayette  Mount Lafayette  Mount Lincoln 
Mount Liberty  Franconia Ridge  Mount Flume  Mount Flume  Mount Flume 

Moosilauke, Cannon and Kinsman Range
Moosilauke is a bald summit with a large open area of alpine vegetation
Cannon and Kinsman Mountains are forested with summit views
Cannon has a viewing platform
Moosilauke 4802
South Kinsman 4358
North Kinsman 4293
Cannon 4100
Click these pop-up images of Moosilauke; a spectacular peak:
Mount Moosilauke  Mount Moosilauke  Mount Moosilauke  Mount Moosilauke  Mount Moosilauke 
Twin-Bond Range
The Twin Mountains are covered with scrub with open areas and South Twin has a bare summit
The Bond Range is an exposed open remote range in the heart of the Pemi Wilderness
Owl's Head, Mt Zealand and Mount Hale are forested peaks.
South Twin 4902
North Twin Wooded w/views 4761
Bond Bald summit 4698
West Bond Alpine zone 4540
Bondcliff Large alpine zone 4265
Zealand 4260
Hale 4054
Owl’s Head 4025
Click the pop-up images below of the Remote Spectacular Bond Range:
Mount Bondcliff  Mount Bondcliff  Mount Bondcliff  Bond Range  Bond Range 
Bond Range  Mount Bond  Mount Bond  West Bond 
Carter Range
Carter Range is a forested ridge with spectacular views of the Presidentials and various directions
Carter Dome 4832
Middle Carter 4610
South Carter 4430
Wildcat Wooded 4422
Moriah Wooded 4049
Wildcat D Wooded 4041
Click the pop-up images below of the splendid Carter Range:
Carter Mountains  Carter Mountains  Carter Mountains  Carter Mountains 
Carter Mountains  Mount Height  Mount Height  Mount Height 

Carrigain and the Hancocks
Carrigain and the Hancocks are forested with views
Carrigain has a viewing platform and an open ridge and is approxamately in the center of the White Mountains.
Carrigain 4780
Hancock North Wooded w/view 4403
Hancock South Wooded w/view 4274

Willey Range
Willey Range is a forested ridge with views on the western wall of Crawford Notch
Willey Wooded w/views 4302
Field Forested w/view4326
Tom Wooded w/view 4047

Southern White Mountains
Southern Peaks; are forested with views
Osceola Wooded w/views 4340
East Osceola Wooded w/ view 4156
North Tripyramid Forested, Slide 4140
MiddleTripyramid Forested, slides nearby 4108
Whiteface (NH) Slide/ bare ledge 4010
Passaconaway Wooded w/views 4060
Tecumseh Restricted view and ski trail 4003

Pilot Range
Located in the North Country and is largely forested with some views
Cabot 4170
Waumbek 4006

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Tags: New Hampshire Mountains , New Hampshire White Mountains, New Hampshire Hiking, New Hampshire 4000 Footers, Hiking New Hampshire, NH

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