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Historic List of Trails

This is only a list of historical trails on Monadnock.  A number of these paths are abandoned and lost.  Many trails no longer exist, have reverted back to forest, or bush and some have been obliterated by logging.

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The Valley

Above: The Valley

The following list does not claim to be a complete list of current, abandoned and lost trails on Mount Monadnock.  A few old trails may be explored but are difficult to follow and any hiker exploring may likely end up bushwhacking.  Anyone exploring Monadnock does so at their own risk.  Go to CurrentTrailList for all current trails.  All the trail names below given are only those in maps, or have been published.

Monadnock Trails Dates By Whom Connecting Points
Abbott n/a n/a

Lost + Abandoned

Amphitheatre 1897 S. A. Smith Smith Summit, White Arrow, Smith Connecter
Annex 1910 Mr. /Ms. J. O. Austin Valley, Twisted Birch Tr.
Lost, Abandoned, Blind
Ark 1909 G. H. Parker A. K. A. Red Cross Trail
Ark to Summit, Abandoned
Austin n/a n/a Lost + Abandoned
Baby Bicknell 1908 J. O. Austin Lost + Abandoned
Bald Rock n/a n/a a.k.a. Cliffwalk; Bald Rock to Do Drop Trail, *Thoreau Trail
Bicknell n/a W. J. Bicknell Lost + Abandoned
Birchtoft n/a n/a Gilson Pond Recreation Area, Cascade Link+Red Spot Trail
Bridle Path n/a n/a Now X-C ski trail; Hinkley Trail, Ski jct. 25,
Brook 1907 G. H. Noble+H. A. Macgowan White Arrow Trail, Cart Path
Lost, Abandoned, Blind
Cart Path 1876 Augustus P. Chamberlaine Old Toll Rd., Halfway House Trail, Mossy Brook Trails
Cascade Link 1919 Worcester Chapter AMC Falcon jct.+White Dot, Red Spot+ Birchtoft, Spellman, Pumpelly Trails
Chamberlaine Brook n/a n/a Cart, Fairy Spring
Lost + Abandoned
Chipmunk 1910 Mr./Ms. J. O. Austin Thoreau, Hedgehog, blind,
abandoned, unmarked
Cliff View 1913 Mr./Ms. J. O. Austin+G. H. Noble a.k.a. Cliffwalk; Parker Trail to Hello Rock, steep spots
Cliff Walk n/a S. A. Smith Bald Rock+Smith Connecter, Ainsworth Seat, Hello Rock Trail, Parker Trail
Coast Survey Path 1861 n/a same as White Arrow Trail
Coffee Pot Camp n/a S. A. Smith Lost + Abandoned
Crags n/a J. O. Austin Lost + Abandoned
Cross Country Ski Trails n/a n/a State Park northeast to Birchtoft Trail+Gilson Pond, southeast closed
Darling 1843 Luther Darling+ William Farmer same as Dublin Trail
Dingle Dell 1908 Mr./Ms. J. O. Austin Red Cross, Four Spots
Abandoned w/Blind Areas
Dinsmore Tavern 1825 Thomas Dinsmore Ancient Route from Jaffrey Lost + Abandoned
Do Drop n/a J. O. Austin Sidefoot near Halfway House Site, Cliffwalk
Dora Spaulding Nature n/a n/a Poole Road, Poole Brook
Dublin 1843 Luther Darling+ William Farmer Old Troy Rd. to Summit
Eveleth n/a n/a Ancient route by brook
Lost, Abandoned, Blind
Fairy Spring n/a n/a White Arrow near Halfway House Site to Monte Rosa via Fairy spring
Falcon Link 1920 Sturgis H. Thorndike Falcon jct, Red Cross Trail
Lost, Abandoned, Blind
Farmer's 1843 Luther Darling+ William Farmer same as Dublin Trail
Fassett 1855 Joseph Fassett via Fassett's and White Arrow
Fern Path 1776? n/a Shattuck Inn, the Ark
Lost + Abandoned
Fire Line 1905 Forestry Commission Fire Break now reforested
Lost + Abandoned
Garnet Spring 1901 S. A. Smith Old Toll Rd, Garnet Spring
Lost, Abandoned, Blind
Gateway n/a J. O. Austin Lost + Abandoned
Great Pasture 1902 S. A. Smith Mossy Brook+Marian Trails to Monte Rosa+Smith Summit Trail
Green Carpet 1908 J. O. Austin Hedgehog, Smith Connecter, blind spots
Halfway House n/a n/a Route 124, White Arrow Trail, alternative to road walk
Happy Home Cottage Path n/a n/a Lost + Abandoned
Harling 1914 E. J. Harling Cascade Link, Hinkley Trail, formerly to Dublin Road (No Parking)
Hazard n/a n/a Lost + Abandoned
Hedgehog 1898 S. A. Smith Sidefoot Trail, Bald Rock
Hello Rock 1896 S. A. Smith Halfway House Site, Cliffwalk by Hello Rock
Hinkley n/a n/a Poole Rd., Harling Trail
Hope n/a Providence Trail Crew Lost + Abandoned
Inspiration Rock 1908 J. O. Austin Smith Connecter, White Cross, abandoned, unmarked
Ledges n/a n/a Monte Rosa, Sweetwater Trail, unmarked, blind spots
Link 1910 Mr./Ms. J. O. Austin Quarter Way Spring, Hedgehog, Lost + Abandoned, blind
Lost Farm 1915 S. A. Smith+ W. J. Bicknell Cliffwalk, Parker Trail
Marian 1921 Alfred Tolman+ Mr./Ms. Wright Mossy Brook+Marian, Marlboro Trail at Rock House
Marlboro 1823 1855 Davis Family+Beriah Oaks Shaker Road to Summit
Mead Brook 1909 G. H. Parker

The Ark to Summit
Abandonded w/blind areas

Midway n/a J. O. Austin Lost + Abandoned
Monte Rosa 1902 S. A. Smith White Arrow Trail, near Halfway House Site, Monte Rosa+Smith Summit Trail
Mossy Brook 1910 Mr./Ms. J. O. Austin Cart Path, Marian+Great Pasture Trails
Mountain Brook n/a n/a Old Troy Rd. (no trespassing), Pumpelly Trail
Muncy n/a Dr. Muncy Bald Rock, Inspiration Rock
unmarked and abandoned
Nightingale n/a n/a Lost + Abandoned
Noble 1897 S. A. Smith+ G. H. Noble Sidefoot, Cliffwalk
Old Keene Rd. n/a n/a Old Keene Rd.(No Parking) to Park Headquarters
Old Pasture Trail n/a n/a White Dot, Pumpelly
Lost + Abandoned
Old Ski Path 1935 CCC Camp White Dot, Red Spot Trails
Paine n/a n/a Lost + Abandoned
Paradise Valley 1908 J. O. Austin

White Arrow, White Dot

Abandoned and unmarked

Parker 1911 G. H. Parker State Park hdqtr, Lost Farm Trail, Old Toll Rd.
Pasture n/a n/a State Park, Falcon jct.
Lost + Abandoned
Pasture Outlook n/a n/a White Dot, Lost + Abandoned
Peace n/a n/a Lost + Abandoned
Pezer n/a n/a Poole Road, Hinkley Trails
Lost + Abandoned
Pine n/a n/a Old Keene Rd, Poole Rd, now destroyed by logging
Point Surprise 1894 S. A. Smith Halfway House Site, Cliffwalk by Point Surprise
Pumpelly 1884 Raphael Pumpelly Lake Rd., Dublin to Summit
Raylor a.k.a. Ravine n/a n/a Valley, Monte Rosa Trails
Lost + Abandoned
Ravine n/a n/a Gilson Pond, Cross Country Ski Trail
Red Cross 1909 G. H. Parker Ark to Summit
Lost + Abandoned
Red Oak n/a n/a Pasture, Harling Trails
Lost + Abandoned
Red Spot n/a n/a Birchtoft Trail+Cascade Link, Pumpelly Trail to Summit
Royce n/a n/a Rt 124 (No Parking), White Arrow Trail, a. k. a. M+M Trail
Salt Rock n/a n/a Old winding road in former pastures north of Monadnock
to Sawdust Pile n/a n/a Cliffwalk, Parker, Very Steep, Lost, Abandoned, Blind
Smith Marlboro Link 1902 S. A. Smith Monte Rosa to Marlboro Trail, Abandoned, unmarked
Smith Connecting Trail n/a S. A. Smith Bald Rock, White Cross, Red Spot to Pumpelly
Smith Summit 1898 S. A. Smith Monte Rosa to Summit
Spellman n/a n/a Cascade Link steeply up ledges to Pumpelly
Sphinx 1910 Mr./Ms. J. O. Austin n/a
Split Rocks n/a n/a Red Cross, Pasture
Lost, Abandoned, Blind
Spooky Woods n/a n/a Pine Path, State Park, destroyed by logging
Spruce Link n/a n/a now lower (.3 mile) White Cross
Swastika n/a n/a follows road now Jaffrey water pipeline to Jaffrey Reservior
Sweetwater 1901 S. A. Smith+ W. Morlock Monte Rosa, Great Pasture Trails
Teapot n/a n/a Four Spots, Smith Summit, Abandoned w/blind spots
Tenderfoot 1909 Mr./ Ms. J. O. Austin Monte Rosa Tr, Black Precipice, Lost + Abandoned, Blind
Thoreau 1896 S. A. Smith Halfway House Site, Cliffwalk by Thoreau's Seat
Tolman 1922 A. Tolman+Mr./Ms. Wright Marlboro Trail, Tufted Spruce, Lost + Abandoned
Tufted Spruce Trail n/a n/a Valley to Point Discovery Abandoned w/blind spots
Twisted Birch 1896 S. A. Smith Monte Rosa Trail, Cart Path, Blind, Lost + Abandoned
Under Matterhorn to Road n/a n/a Cliffwalk, Old Toll Rd. Lost + Abandoned, Very Steep and Blind
Valley n/a n/a Mossy Brook, Ravine+Annex, Lost + Abandoned
Wesselhoeft 1890 W. P. Wesselheoft Parker Trail to Lost Farm Trail, Lost + Abandoned w/blind areas
Whit AB n/a n/a Parker Trail, Cliffwalk, Lost + Abandoned, unmarked and blind
White Arrow 1778? n/a Old Toll Rd. to Summit
White Cross n/a n/a White Dot, alternative to White Dot to summit
White Dot 1900 N. E. Payne+ William Royce State Park Headquarters to Summit
White's n/a n/a Rt 124, Parker Trail
Lost + Abandoned
Wildwood Nature n/a n/a White Dot Trail, Lost + Abandoned, blind

Monadnock Guide©1970 Henry Baldwin SPNHF
Annals of Grand Monadnock©1936 Allen Chamberlain
E. J. Harling 1915, 1916 Monadnock Map
Scott Smith 1910 Monadnock Map
Allen Chamberlain Halfway House Map 1930
A. M. C. 1946 Map
Monadnock State Park Reservation Map 1920?
Forest and Crag©1989 Laura and Guy Waterman


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