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Recent Monadnock Hikes

Mount Monadnock Winter White Arrow Trail
Above: White Arrow Trail, March 3rd, 2014

Recent Hikes by Author:

My recent hikes will give you an idea of what kind of conditions may be on top of the mountain, in all seasons. For more information go to Trail News+Weather page.

My Recent Hikes:

Thursday, March 3rd, 2014: My car thermometer reads -2 F below zero in Peterborough and reads 2 F above zero at the 124 Old Toll Road trail head. I am the first car in at 8:00 AM. I hike up the Old Toll Road to White Arrow Trail. There is a fresh coating of snow on top of the 1'-2' of snow that is already on the mountain. I use micro spikes for traction on the slick trail. Above tree-line there are no fresh tracks in the snow. The sky is blue and the views are clear. The wind is light and the March sun is nice. Just below the summit the White Arrow Trail gets steep and I search for steps in the snow. I climb up to the top. From the summit Mount Washington is clearly visible in the far distance. The visibility is superb, clear and expansive in all directions. I descend via the White Arrow Trail. I slide down the steep section from the summit then hike down to tree-line to the Amphitheater trail to the Smith Connecting Link to Bald Rock. I head down the Cliff Walk to the Noble Trail. The Cliff Walk is well tramped but there is just one set of snow shoe tracks on the Noble Trail. The temperature has climbed into the mid 20's F. I head down to the Halfway House Site to the Old Toll Road. I take a side trip to Little Mountain before finishing my hike just before noon.

Mount Monadnock Amphitheater Trail
Above: Amphitheater Trail, January, 2014

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014: Today is forecast to be in the 30's in the valleys. After a cold January with sub-zero temperatures and biting cold winds on Mount Monadnock it is nice to hike on a seasonable winter day.

I hike up the Old Toll to the Cart Path. There is about 4 inches of snow on the ground. I take the Great Pasture Trail up Monte Rosa. The pathway is a little slick in spots but not very icy. At tree-line there is about a foot of snow. There is a substantial storm that is forecast for tomorrow that will make the snow pack much deeper. Above tree-line it is quite pleasant without much wind. The sun is shining through some high thin clouds. The views are a bit hazy but I actually can see the white cone of Mount Washington 105 miles away as the crow flies. The Mount Monadnock summit cone is a bit icy. I reach the top without ice traction but I am using trekking poles for stability. I take the Pumpelly Trail to the Red Spot to the Smith Connecting Link on a beautiful pleasant winter day with light winds. From Bald Rock I take the Cliff Walk to the Point Surprise Trail. I go to and enjoy all the vistas to be found along the way.

The previous weeks there hasn't been many tracks on the mountain. In fact, one cold January day in the wake of some fresh snow I was the only hiker who hiked the mountain from 124, Old Toll Road. There were only critter tracks and tracks up the White Dot Trail that day. There are a lot of tracks in the snow on the trails, even on the side trails today. It looks like people where hiking all over the mountain this past weekend.

From the Point Surprise Trail I reach the Old Halfway House Site that offers a nice view towards the Berkshires of Massachusetts and the southern Green Mountains of Vermont. There is a blend of clouds and brighter skies. I take the Old Toll Road down and then I take a side trip to Little Mountain. It is a nice time of winter now with longer days and it isn't as cold.

Mount Monadnock Smith Summit Trail
Above: Smith Summit Trail, December 30, 2013

Monday, December 30th, 2013: I take the icy Old Toll Road from Route 124. There is a coating of snow on the ground today after a thaw melted away much of the snow that was on the mountain. It is a nice seasonable day for hiking in early winter. High up the mountain looks white. I take the Fairy Spring Trail to Monte Rosa. The trees are iced up and pasted with snow. It looks like a winter wonderland. I head up the Smith Summit Trail. I take a side trip to Black Precipice then continue up the Smith Summit Trail. I am the first hiker and I hike on memory because the marked trail is buried under snow. On the summit it is windy with 25 mph west winds with gusts to 35 mph. The temp is 17 degrees on top which is typical for this time of year. In a sheltered spot I am getting hit with blowing snow and ice loosened by some other hikers on the summit. I hike down the Pumpelly Trail. There is a fresh 2-4 inches of snow above tree-line on Mount Monadnock. I take the Red Spot to the old Smith Connecting Link to Bald Rock. The spruce evergreen trees are whitened and glazed with ice illuminated by the sunlight heading to Bald Rock. I hike down the Cliff Walk Trail to the Parker Trail. The trails are quite icy today.

Below: Bald Rock December 30, 2013
Mount Monadnock Cliff Walk

Tuesday, December 31th, 2013 Beginning at 7:30 AM today I hike up the Old Toll Road to the White Arrow Trail. It is very icy today and I use micro spikes. It is a beautiful morning on the mountain. On top the wind is light, about 5-10 mph. The temp is 6 F degrees on the summit. I hike down the White Arrow to the Amphitheater to Smith Connecting Link to Bald Rock. I hike down the Cliff Walk and down the Noble Trail. It is very icy and the only way down the Noble Trail is with ice traction. There is a steep icy section of the trail where the terrain drops off both sides of the trail. I head down the Old Toll Road which is sanded and the road is still icy.

Mount Monadnock Cliff Walk
Above: Autumn color on What Cheer Point September 30, 2013

Tuesday, September 30th, 2013: It has been great stretch of weather with cool nights and pleasant sunny days. The color is starting to pop now. Today is some nice shorts and t-shirt hiking weather. I start my hike about noontime and I am looking forward to check out the color along the Cliff Walk. I hike up the Old Toll Road from route 124 to the Cliff Walk via Parker Trail. The autumn color is looking pretty good from all the different viewpoints such as the Matterhorn and What Cheer Point. I take the Smith Connecting Link to the Pumpelly Trail. I decide I want to check out the foliage from the Parker Trail so instead of going to the summit I take the Parker Trail to Town Line Peak and an unnamed crag near the Cascade Link. The colors in the valleys are brilliant. I then head back to the summit. The sky is clear and blue and the sun is getting low. I hike down the Smith Summit Trail to Monte Rosa. I see the sunset at Monte Rosa then I head down to the Old Toll Road. Daylight gets dim as I walk down the Old Toll Road to my car. It was a great day to hike an 8.5 mile hike.

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Tags: Monadnock Trails, Monadnock Mountain, Monadnock Hike, New Hampshire Trails, Maps, Mount Monadnock, Jaffrey, Monadnock, Hiking New Hampshire, Mt Monadnock, NH

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