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Monadnock Mountain
Above: Mount Monadnock

Welcome to! This website provides abundant, current and up to date information for hiking "Monadnock Trails" in "New Hampshire".  This website covers "Mount Monadnock" trails, maps, vegetation, fauna, history, geology, weather, and includes many pictures that pop!  You will find if you are going to do some "New Hampshire Hiking" that "Mt. Monadnock" has some of the best hiking in the eastern U. S. and should be visited more than once.  For more information navigate through this website.  You could even just browse through the pictures in this site to enjoy "Monadnock Mountain".

What's New on

For the returning visitor to over the past year there has been many new articles, updates, new content and revisions to this site. Some of what is new and most recent are listed below:

*Fall 2018: It is fall on Mount Monadnock a beautiful and colorful season. For more info on hiking Mount Monadnock in autumn go to: Trail News and Weather Page.

* New for 2018: I created this website prior to the cell phone era of going online. I am experimenting with a cell phone friendly website. This page is covers a little about the author and creator of this website. This is a test page Frederick Pitcher.

* December 27th, 2017: A recent winter hike up Mount Monadnock is on the recent hikes page.

* Mount Monadnock 2014-2015: There has been some recent changes to the trails including the Halfway House Trail and White Arrow Trail junctions, Bald Rock Trails and Monte Rosa Trails. This website has the most up to date information on trails on Mount Monadnock 2014-2015.

* October 2014: Now on this Mount Monadnock website is a Vermont Mount Monadnock page. As of 2016 I also added a winter shot on the Vermont Monadnock. Check out northern New England's Monadnock see: Mount Monadnock Vermont.

* May 3rd 2014: A ribbon cutting ceremony is being held for the re-opening of the ecocenter. For more see: Trail News and Weather Page.

* April 2, 2014: An extreme ice storm fells trees on trails in the high elevations of Mount Monadnock. See: Trail News and Weather Page.

*March 2014: Car break-ins continue to be a problem around Mount Monadnock!  For more information see: Trail News and Weather Page.

New Photo Gallery August 2013: I just posted some of my favorite shots I took the past year from all seasons, see Photo Gallery 2013.

*Update: August 2013: The start of the Fairy Spring Trail has changed for an update go to: Monte Rosa Trails Page.

New Image 2013, I posted an image of Sheep Laurel blossoms in bloom on my Monadnock vegetation page. I also added a few other images, see Heath Krummolz and Monadnock vegetation pages.

* New Image on the Places of Interest Page of Fairy Spring. Most of the places have a shot except some that are gone such as the Maple Tree or the Twisted Birch.  A recent shot at Fairy Spring after overnight storms can be seen on the Places of Interest page.

*New for 2013: A page for people interested in hiking Mount Monadnock that describes the various trails that lead directly to the summit: TrailsToMonadnockSummit.

*2013 News: 55 Acres Protected on Mount Monadnock Southern Flank, see: Trail News and Weather Page.

*Summer 2012: Forest Society has made improvements to the White Arrow Trail as well as other trails on Mount Monadnock, for more, see: Trail News and Weather Page.

*November 2012: Jim's Junction is now posted in the Places of Interest in memory of Jim Johnson. To see where the Jim's Junction is located on Mount Monadnock, see: Places of Interest Page.

*November 2012: The Coffee Pot has been replaced. To see where the Coffee Pot is located on Mount Monadnock, see: Places of Interest Page.

*2012: Road conditions leadiing to both the Marlboro and Dublin Trails are very poor. For details read: Trail News and Weather Page.

May 2012: Cell tower proposal draws debate: to improve very poor cell service but, the tower will be in close view from Mount Monadnock. For more read: Trail News and Weather Page.

*April 2012: The Forest Society has just protected 400 acres on Mount Monadnock. For more read: Trail News and Weather Page.

*New photos from last year and as recent as some above the clouds summit images from September 21, 2011 were added to my Photo Gallery page.

*There is a section on the site in 2011 detailing Mount Monadnock vegetation and the unique beautiful vegetation communities on Mount Monadnock. A good start is visit the MonadnockVegetation page.

Explore Monadnock Trails

Grand Monadnock is a spectacular isolated mountain that offers commanding expansive views of New England.  The vast majority of first time hikers ascend the 2 mile White Dot Trail to the summit.  It is a short steep direct trail to the summit.  It is even popular with regulars because it a quick good workout.  There is, however, much more to see by exploring the 35 miles of current hiking trails on Monadnock described in this website.  Mt Monadnock is a mountain to be revisited.  All the trails offer different scenery.  Explore a mossy low elevation woods walk to warm up before heading up.  You can see many of the beautiful places I visit on my PhotoGallery as well as check out my revised for 2011, with more images added; Places of Interest page.  New for 2011 is the MonadnockVegetation pages that describe the beautiful and varied vegetation of Mount Monadnock in great detail.  The 100+ images on this site largely have been shot from 2005-2011 and are what you will see when exploring Mount Monadnock.  The Mt. Monadnock images are not old shots, and some shots have recently been updated.  Click many photos to view full size image.  Check out the various pages and pictures.  Check out my recent hikes, current weather and trail conditions as well as recent trail changes on the Trail News+Weather page.  On this website you will find an up to date Monadnock Map reflecting recent changes. You can find descriptions of Monadnock's lost trails in the Abandoned Trails Page as well as an old 1936 Monadnock Map.  By checking out Monadnock Trails you can get the latest information on ideas to explore Monadnock Mountain in New Hampshire.

About Mount Monadnock

Mount Monadnock, at an elevation of 3165 feet is one of the outstanding peaks of the northeast.  It is an isolated mountain which offers far reaching views from the Boston skyline to Mt. Greylock, MA up the Green Mountains as far as Mount Killington, VT and as far as Mount Washington, NH 105 air miles away.  Monadnock was bared by fires over 200 years ago.  The upper 300 to 400 feet of the mountain is exposed bare rock with 5 spruce covered ridges that emanate outward from the mountain with open crags and exposed ledges offering many scenic and spectacular views.

With the hotels gone and the clientele changing from regulars spending a summer vacation to throngs of flat landers and group hikes, a lot of the trails have been abandoned by the Park but interesting hiking on the mountain can still be explored and enjoyed.  The primary tracts of land on Mount Monadnock have been granted for public pleasure.  Monadnock is known as one of the most hiked mountains in the world, but there is an opportunity to explore trails away from the crowds.  Monadnock Mountain is a hiking enthusiast's paradise to explore.

Monadnock State Park Phone Number: 603-532-2416

Monadnock State Park day use fee: $5 per person, $2 for children aged 6-12, children 5 and under are free and New Hampshire residents over 65 are also free.
A season pass is available for $60.

Hiking Equipment recommended by Hike Safe:
Clothing to pack:

Sweater or Pile Jacket

Long Pants (wool or synthetic)

Hat (wool)
Extra Food and Water
Flashlight or Headlamp
First Aid Kit/Repair Kit
Rain/Wind Jacket & Pants
Pocket Knife

Notice: Pets are not allowed on the mountain!
No Camping or Fires except at campgrounds!

Monadnock became a popular hiking destination in the 19th century.  Several hotels provided accommodations for visitors.  One was a converted farmhouse; The Ark, on the southeastern side of the mountain is now is a bible conference.  The another was the Half-way House (1868-1954) in the Amphitheater on the southern side of the mountain, which burned in the 50's and now is an empty site.  There was Fassetts Mountain House as well pre-dating the Halfway House that provided accomodations for a few.  Trails fanned out to all the scenic spots all over Mt Monadnock.  From the southeastern side the primary trails evolved from the Mead Brook Trail and Pasture Trail to the now current main trails White Dot and White Cross trails.

Below: Mount Monadnock looking west

Monadnock Trails to visit:



Monadnock Trails website: Author, Creator, and photos by Frederick Pitcher 2015
Use of the information on this site is the sole risk of the user.  The author is not responsible for the trails or anyone's ability to follow them.  In addition to the trails there are certain places in this website described that are off trail.  Anyone exploring Monadnock does so at their own risk.


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Jaffrey Weather Forecast, NH

The weather above is for the base of the mountain.